We Shall Have Peace


“Trauma that is not healed is transferred.”

Seven years post-independence, South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation. We Shall Have Peace, an immersive film by Contrast in partnership with Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), tells the stories of three South Sudanese people who are trying to heal, still in the midst of chaos.

South Sudan, was born out of a long history of conflict before gaining independence in 2011, and has spent most of its existence embroiled in civil war. We Shall Have Peace, through the eyes of Thor, a trainer dedicated to raising awareness about trauma and training others with practical tools to address it, gives a glimpse into the South Sudanese who have their eyes fixed on a peaceful future, while still grappling with the events of the past. Also meet Esther, a young woman whose family has fled to Uganda, and Francis, a young man who left his violence-filled youth behind to work as a teacher along the way.