Yemen’s Skies of Terror




Akram is only 15 years old but he has already lost a friend. His neighbors were killed when a Saudi-led coalition air raid hit their house in the old city of Sanaa. Yemen’s Skies of Terror, an immersive film by Contrast, provides a rare glimpse inside Yemen after three years of war. Follow Akram, 7-year-old Wedad, and 17-year-old Abu Bakr as they show you how their lives have been impacted by more than 16,000 air raids.

The war in Yemen is entering its fourth year with no end in sight. Over 76% of Yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid and millions are facing food insecurity. Filmed by local journalists who were trained and equipped with 360° cameras by Contrast, this film highlights the toll that the war in Yemen is taking on those who must live in constant fear of the skies.